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Frequently Asked Questions

When was Ossesso established?

The idea of Ossesso established in early 2020. By the time we started working on this fresh and exciting project the pandemic hit full swing. This did not deter us. We adapted to the new reality and focused on managing cross-border teams remotely. To our surprise we did it and launched our first women's collection November of the same year. Today the brand is working to deliver 3 collections per year to people all around the world. 

Who are the people behind Ossesso?

Both Founders of Ossesso are from Switzerland. Their background is among other topics fashion and sports related and associated with the fashion industry mainly in Europe. In sports and gym wear we are active worldwide. We used their know-how to bring together a team of like-minded individuals who believe in the mission and vision of Ossesso.

What does Ossesso want to accomplish?

The primary goal is to help ourselves, the end-goal is to help others. How? Firstly we allow for retailers, affiliates, ambassadors and customers to earn from their loyalty, secondly, we inspire them to empower themselves and others, and thirdly, most importantly, we donate to charity. Charity is embedded in our very philosophy, and as such we dedicate 1% of the revenue to good causes, namely, the United Through Sports Initiative. 

How do we protect from COVID?

Since establishing, the management of Ossesso has taken all necessary precautions regarding COVID-19. We closely monitor the changing landscape in order to ensure safety of our employees and customers. All items are handled in a responsible manner, with particular detail to quarantine control. You can order online and know that everything has been processed at the highest standard. We still urge you to sanitize everything yourself. Stay safe.

How do we work with remote teams?

Ossesso has decided to centralize its activities in London. London is the fashion metropole of the world. Having the logistic center in the US, Denver, Colorado we ensure being close to the Ossesso family in the US. Our clients are our family. The head office is operating out of London and once the pandemic allows it Ossesso wants to strengthen is presence in the US by opening an office in Florida.

From the onset, it was about community, and this meant involving diverse multi-cultural teams based on merit, not geography. The pandemic did disrupt the pace of development, but it did not hamper progress..

What does Ossesso stand for?

Oneness. The word ossesso in Italian means to be possessed or obsessed. Which translates into - are you reactive or proactive with your life? with your choices? It is also a palindrome, symbolizing infinity, equality, equity and accountability through the cyclic nature of the number 8 portrayed in the logo in the form of an equal letter S. We stand for respect, courage and modesty. We stand for those who choose to stand by others, we help the forgotten. 

Do we ship worldwide?

We accept orders and ship worldwide. From time to time there may be some restricted countries, please visit the shipping page for more information. We currently have free shipping in the U.S, US$ 5 shipping to Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico, and up to US$  20 worldwide, depending on item. Free worldwide shipping for any orders over US$ 100.
We are working hard to reduce our shipping costs and should begin to facilitate free worldwide shipping by end of 2021.

Do we process returns?

Yes we process returns. For more information you can visit our returns page. You can proceed with returns by submitting a ticket with your order number and email address, entering it exactly as it appears on your order confirmation and indicate the items you wish to return. Your request will then be processed and we will get back to you within two working days. You then simply send the items to us via post with the receipts and price tags, and we refund you. 

Can I track my order?

Yes, you are able to track your order. When you create an account you will be able to track the order in your account page. You will also be able to see your order history, and edit or add a new shipping address. Registering also allows you to use the wish list and compare functions which you can access when signed in. If there are any unexpected delays or irregularities please contact our team to resolve your query as soon as possible. 

How can I become an Affiliate?

Visit the Affiliate page for more information. You can become an affiliate and join by visiting the affiliate page and filling in the registration form with your name and contact details, your website or social media URLs and your shipping address. Once you apply, our team will review your application and get back to you within 72 hours. Once you pass the review you will be contacted to proceed, and introduced to the affiliate program, and your affiliate cabinet.  

How can I become an Ambassador?

Visit the Ambassadors page for more info. You can become an ambassador and join by visiting and registering on the ambassador page. Enter your name and contact details, your social media URLs and your shipping address. Once you apply, our team will review the application within 72 hours. Once you pass the review the team will reconfirm your address and send you free items from the most recent collection. You will also receive a terms paper.  

How can I cooperate as a Retailer?

Visit the Work with Us page for more info. You can become an Ossesso retailer by registering on the Work with Us page. Fill in your company and personal contact information, shipping address and indicate what business you run and how you want to work with us. Once you apply, our team will review the application within 72 hours. Once you pass the review the team will contact you to proceed with the introduction of our retailer program, and your retailer cabinet.