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Earn money with Ossesso’s Affiliate Program! Refer visitors to and earn from every follower that you convert into a paying customer.


  • 5% to 10% lifetime commission from every visitor that you convert into a paying customer.

  • 10% discount code that you can share with your friends and followers.

  • Ability to invite other affiliates and earn 5 to 10% from all the profits that they generate.

  • Affiliates, particularly top performers, will be featured on our social media and website.

We love what we do, and it's the right thing to do. We are here to cultivate a positive, inclusive, equitable and accountable future for ourselves, our friends and family, shareholders and investors, suppliers and ambassadors, customers and the community. 

Wearing Ossesso merchandise is more than just an expression of creativity, beauty and style, it is also an expression of love. One of the company objectives is to support good causes  - currently, we donate  1% from the revenue to the United Through Sports initiative which is supported by the International Olympic Committee.  

What does an affiliate do?

An affiliate can be an individual or a company. Affiliates help promote products by writing posts, making videos, and conducting other marketing efforts. Affiliates could very well be journalists, bloggers or online outlets. After signing up with us as an affiliate, you will get access to our partner network and receive a special URL that contains your username or ID. You use this link whenever you mention the product on your website, social media or any other acceptable means. 

Why join our programme?

Joining the Ossesso Affiliate Program is free and can be done in a few clicks. As such, recommending our products can become an extra source of passive income for you, or even provide you with the opportunity to leave your nine-to-five job behind. Like many other affiliate programs, ours is also online-based. It grants you access to your own affiliate cabinet. Unlike many other affiliate programs, ours does not depend on your location - community has no boundaries. 

How do I join?

Click the 'Apply Now' button below, fill in the registration form with your name and contact details, your website or social media URLs and your shipping address, and you're done. Once you apply, our team will review your application and get back to you within 72 hours. Once you pass the review you will be contacted to proceed with the application. 

Next steps

Once you've completed registration, we will proceed with the on-boarding procedure where one of our customer support representatives introduces you to your affiliate cabinet and briefly outlines the company code of conduct. This typically takes just about 10-15 minutes and Viola, that's it! What's next? Link, link, link. In the first year, any commissions made will be paid out every quarter, thereafter payouts will occur on a monthly basis.  

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