Ossesso stands for respect, modesty and courage, for it takes a certain wisdom, to treat others the way you want to be treated. 

Where there is spirit, there manifests will

Ascend the ordinary

The mission of the brand is to inspire people to change for the better. Your role as ambassadors, is to inspire people to persevere in face of adversity. To uplift their spirit when they are in doubt. Your mission is to publish meaningful content. Images in which you wear Ossesso clothing and do something positive with your time, something that clears your mind in time for that next step. 

Ambassadors have access to our partner network and are able to generate sales commission from every follower they covert as a customer. Additionally every customer that becomes a supporter, can also generate their own commissions from which you also earn. What we ask for:


• 1 Instagram post per month, tag #Ossesso #Blendout

• 1 Instagram story per month, tag #Ossesso and your affiliate link

• 1 Instagram post per new collection #Ossesso #Itspartofme 

• 1 Instagram story per new collection #Ossesso and your affiliate link

• Feature your affiliate link in your bio 

what does it meaN


  • Receive up to $300 in free merchandise from every new collection (3 per year). You’ll get it before it’s public.   

  • Receive a 5% to 10% lifetime commission from every follower that you convert into a paying customer. 

  • Receive a 10% discount code that you can share with your followers. Exclusive to your followers.  

  • Have the ability to invite other ambassadors and affiliates and earn 5% to 10% from all the profits that they generate. 

  • Be featured on the ambassador page of the website. Top performers will also be featured on the home.

  • Everyone, particularly top performers, will additionally be featured on our social media, blog and press.



Interested in becoming an ambassador? Apply now. Fill in the registration form and join the Ossesso family. 

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