Problems sleeping? Try these products

by Ossesso Blog on October 27, 2020

Rest is essential to humans. Not only do we need our sleep for beauty reasons, but there are also health impacts resulting from lack of sleep, such as an increase in Alzheimer's risk. Other factors, such as high blood pressure, obesity, and heart disease, are associated with a lack of sleep.

Therefore, we compiled some products that will help you get the sleep you deserve.


1. Too noisy?

    If you ever need to block out sounds that disrupt sleep, HoMedics SoundSpa is the way to go. You can customize your sleeping environment to your needs. You can choose between five soothing, natural sounds or the white noise option.

    Moreover, the HoMedics SoundSpa can be used to relax after a hard day at work by choosing one of the following sounds: thunder, ocean, rain, summer night, or brook sounds.


    2. Do not like total darkness?

      I need a little light when I fall asleep. It is not necessarily fear of the dark; it just feels better having a little light around. It is also nice to wake up in the middle of the night and have some light to navigate you.

      If you are one of the people who needs a little light, I present the Playbulb Sphere

      A smart light bulb that you can connect to with your phone and control the brightness, colors, effects, and set timers. It also comes with a wireless charger, which is a massive benefit for those who dislike tangled wires.


      3. Need total darkness?

        For people who need total darkness, sleep masks are a great option. There are tons of eyeshades on the market, but one of them stands out to us. Slip Pure silk sleep mask will give you the luxurious sleep you need. 

        The mask also helps reduce signs of fatigue. It alleviates pressure on the face and eye area. Moreover, if you are using facial products for your skin, this mask will promote their longevity.


        4. Need a hug?

          The Gravity weighted blanket is a great solution! The weight of the blanket relaxes your nervous system. This is a science-backed method called "deep touch pressure stimulation." Prepare for deeper sleep with this blanket!

          On top of this, you can choose the color you want grey, navy, or white.


          5. Need a bedtime story?

            There are many great meditation apps that you can choose from. For example, Calm will read bedtime stories to you and play gentle lullabies. Not only that, but Calm teaches you to meditate too!


            6. Need to refresh your bedding?

              Pillows and mattresses should be cleaned twice a year. Sprinkle baking soda on your mattress, let it sit, and then vacuum. If you want pleasant scents, you can add some essential oils

              For pillows, you will have to refer to the instructions on the label. Try to clean them every three to six months and replace them once every two years.

              Many people have problems sleeping. Sometimes people need some subtle changes to their routines to get the best sleep possible. We always advise you to visit a physician if sleeping problems persist.

              Do you use any products to improve your sleep quality?

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