Meditation for beginners

by Ossesso Blog on November 02, 2020

Meditation is a trend that is growing fast in our world. There are many benefits to meditation, and especially in times like these, it is a healthy habit to cultivate.

Below we will talk about certain misconceptions about meditation and how to start meditating in no time.


There are many misconceptions about meditation. Clearing your mind completely is impossible. Many people expect that their mind will be clear of thoughts and that their chakras will open immediately. Meditation is more down-to-earth than that. It is not about being free of thoughts. It is all about realizing the thoughts and processing them without judgment and then concentrating on mediation.

It is all about the appreciation of here and now. Sitting down and realizing the richness and beauty of the present moment. Therefore, looking for a place with no distractions where the mind can be creative and aware of the stream of thoughts and emotions. The goal is to acknowledge them without any judgment whatsoever and let them flow out the same way they came in.  

Meditation is calming and will help you discern which thoughts are important to you. The way meditation alters the brain and allows you to be in touch with your basic goodness.

Beginners meditation guide

For beginners, we highly suggest using meditation apps, which we cover in a separate blog. There are a couple of great apps that will help you cultivate a meditation habit. We discuss the ones we believe are most helpful here.

The right place

It is not necessary to be in a mediation center to meditate. Meditation is possible from the comfort of your own house. Finding a comfortable chair, couch, or cushion is a great way to start. Sitting on the floor is also possible, just make sure you are comfortable.


Meditation should take place during a convenient time within the day. It does not have to be long periods, starting at a couple of minutes per day is excellent.  Meditation is about consistency; do not forget about your sessions. Make your sessions manageable (time-wise) amidst your daily routines.


The mind and body influence each other because they are connected. The posture you have while meditating may help you concentrate or distract you.

The best way to meditate is while sitting down while keeping the spine erect and unsupported. This might take some time to get used to because we are used to sitting on chairs with back support.

However, it is acceptable for a beginner to meditate lying down, especially if you are doing guided meditations. Make yourself comfortable and, after some time, try adopting a seated position while meditating, which helps you keep concentrated.


Be present in the current moment. An excellent way to do this is to concentrate on breathing. Think of the physical presence. Be aware of the process of breathing in and breathing out.

People, especially beginners, start generating to-do lists in their minds.  Bringing back your mind from wandering is easier when concentrating on your body's physical aspect, one of which is breathing.

Ending your session

When you are about to complete your session, stretch, relax, and enjoy the present moment. Be grateful for everything you have. Now continue with the daily routines with a fresh mind.

A couple of minutes a day is a great place to start. It is possible to meditate at the office too; some people take mini-breaks at work to meditate. Others like meditating with friends or family. Meditation is very flexible, and you should do what works best for you!

What is your favorite place to meditate?